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This apron is a variation on our Mechanic, designed specifically for Barista's. The neck tie is adjustable with the use of a D-ring fixed in place with a British leather trim. The lower pocket designed to fit a small order pad and pen.

The key feature is the option for you to have your own logo printed in vinyl at the top. See our blog for more photo's.

The apron uses the whole width of the selvage and measures :

31” wide
28” length

We welcome trade queries on this style, this style is made to order.

The Fabric :

13 oz Japanese Red Selvage; left dry.

Wash care :

We recommend that you wash as least often as possible if you would like to maintain the colour of the Dry Denim. This fabric is likely to shrink by 5% on it’s first wash so make sure you wash in cold water separately to reduce the shrinkage as much as possible, add a little salt in with the water to stabilize the indigo.

Log book :

Each of our aprons is sold with a log book which entitles the owner a free repair during the first 6 months if damaged. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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