The Service Book

One of the foundations of Dawson Denim is our lifetime repairs guarantee. We were one of the first brands to pioneer this service when we launched back in 2012, and we’re still offering it today. 

Every Dawson garment comes with a Service Book which entitles the owner to free lifetime repairs of that product. It’s a seal of quality that we attach to our garments, but it also ensures you can use and enjoy that garment for as long as possible. 

We imbued our passion for vintage motoring into our Service Book by basing it on the original for Scott’s grandfather’s 1930s driving license and 1950s MOT service card. If you send your denim in for repair, we’ll mark off the repair in the Dawson Service Book and return it to you, just like the good old days. 

If you’re already part of the Dawson Owners Club and have a question about our lifetime repairs service, please email us at

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