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  • Pokey LaFarge

    Posted on September 26 2017

    We caught up with friend and supporter of Dawson Denim, Pokey LaFarge - musician extraordinaire, quizzing him about his style and life. DAWSON DENIM : Has your musical popularity helped hone...

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  • Curators Choice : Kiuchi Hand Craft

    Posted on September 15 2017

    Very occasionally we come across elusive products and makers on our travels that overwhelm us, to highlight this we have created "Curators Choice". First up is Yusuke Kiuchi with Kiuchi...

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  • Dawson Denim Day #2

    Posted on August 22 2017

    It's a whole year since we threw our first ever Dawson Denim Day. It was so good we thought we'd do another. It's a great chance for us to meet...

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  • Trip to Japan #1 - The Mills.

    Posted on July 05 2017

    So it was time for our annual trip to Japan. We timed it just after cherry blossom season and just before rainy season, May proved to be perfect for a...

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  • The Coverall

    Posted on March 26 2017

    The Coverall also known as the Boiler Suit sometimes a Jump Suit, first appeared in the Oxford English dictionary in 1928. It's first use was by Stokers and Boiler Engineers...

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  • The Chino

    Posted on March 05 2017

    To all you budding Jack Kerouac's, Richie Cunningham's and Coach Calhoun's - it's Chino time! Here's the low down on the garment and it's origins... The Khaki colour emerged from...

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  • Limited Edition Dawson Denim x Dry British Standard fit jeans

    Posted on February 21 2017

    We teamed up with our old mate Steve AKA Dry British Sheffield based Beat Illustrator and Signwriter on a brand new fit of jeans. We have known Steve from our days...

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  • Terry Cryer - The Dean of Jazz and Blues Photography

    Posted on January 24 2017

    It's with sadness we heard of the departure of legendary British photographer Terry Cryer last week.  Cryer was born in Leeds in 1934, having survived a brain fracture from falling down some...

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  • Bruce Davidson "The Jokers" A Brooklyn Gang

    Posted on January 19 2017

    Bruce Davidsons career started at just 10 years old when his Mum built him a dark room in their home at Oak Park, Illinois. Drafted into the army he met Henri...

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  • Dawson Denim Day 2016 : The BBQ

    Posted on October 13 2016

     As we mentioned Sunday the 21st August saw a day of two halves. Back in April we'd met up with Jim Marsden, photographer and bandit. He'd come up with this master...

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  • The First Dawson Denim Day 2016 : The Workshop

    Posted on September 21 2016

      Sunday the 21st August saw a day of two halves. Back in April we'd met up with Jim Marsden, photographer and bandit. He'd come up with this master plan...

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  • Trip to Trickers

    Posted on September 18 2016

    Founded in 1829 by Joseph Baltrop and once called Baltrop the business was renamed in 1862 when James Caltrop married  Claire Louise Tricker. Today the business is one of only 5 surviving...

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  • Dawson Denim : The Book of Denim by Code Magazine and Danny North.

    Posted on September 17 2016

      “CODE’s new Book Of Denim gives a directional, professional, and at the same personal perspective on the world of this fascinating fabric. It is dedicated to the science, industry,...

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  • Knickerbocker Mfg Co x Dawson Denim Machinist Cap

    Posted on September 15 2016

    In 2012, the very same year we started Dawson Denim; Andrew Livingston was searching through an old factory directory, he came across Watman’s factory (which would eventually come to be...

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  • Collaboration : Timothy Everest x Dawson Denim

    Posted on May 10 2016

    It's been 6 months in the planning but since Timothy Everest launched his first off the peg store on Redchurch Street in East London we've been working with the guys...

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  • Dawson Denim at Goodwood Revival by Oliver Twitchett

    Posted on September 27 2015

    Camera : Early 1960′s Nikon F Film : Ilford HP5 For the past 8 years or more we have a date with Goodwood at the Revival with Scott Fraser Simpson and friends. Here are some...

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