AW23 Lookbook

December 13, 2023

AW23 Lookbook

For our AW23 campaign we got together with Leon Cerrone and James Kemmenoe in East London.


James Kemmenoe is a London based photographer, famed for his work his work on human rights. His book Black not Sorry is available in print.

We looked back to the 1960s to inspire this collection, a decade one could argue defined the future of denim in both its workwear and cultural roles. Type III denim jackets on the back of budding musicians and long-haul truckers alike. Workwear worn for play by those riding the Surfing wave crashing into SoCal v's black denim ushered in by the likes of The Velvet Underground on the West Coast bringing a much more nihilistic agenda.


Garments inspired by all of this and more can be found in our new collection expertly crafted denim goods ready to slot into your rotation. 


Stock is in strictly limited numbers so act fast to avoid disappointment. 

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