Dawson Denim - Made in Japan for Retailers.

January 11, 2024

Dawson Denim - Made in Japan for Retailers.

Dawson Denim - Made in Japan, is a collection created exclusively for Retailers. 


For the first time our brand will be available to buy from other retailers. Sampled by us with our meticulous detail and made with our partner in Japan. This collection will drop September 2024. 

Wholesale Orders close 31.01.24

We are Dawson Denim, a British brand fusing traditional manufacturing techniques with unique and considered design to create unrivalled selvedge denim clothing.

Over 11 years we have built a strong following with our British-made workwear, we would now like to present our Made in Japan collection.

We want to fulfil the growing demand for our products whilst retaining our meticulous production standards. To do this, we have exclusively partnered with an esteemed maker in Japan to produce a range of exclusive Dawson goods.

We welcome your enquiries, for more information contact :


"When Japanese selvedge entered the denim scene in America I was thrilled ‘cause anyone with a past knew that the big US companies were making recently was not much like the quality of our youth. My first sincere forays into Japanese selvedge were with Iron Heart for the weightier offerings and Pure Blue Japan for texture, color, and variation, all sometime around 2010. When I came on Iron Heart’s 634 straight fit and then their even-more-my-style but rarer 1955 fit it, I found jeans closer to my origins and still-current-tastes. Then Dawson happened."

"As someone who has worked in the denim industry for nearly 10 years, I can say that Dawson Denim are some of the best jeans in the world. Miles above anything else being produced in the UK, and offering sublime customer service that means you always leave with the right product - a pair of jeans (or lots of other garb) for life. Worth the extra money and then some."

"I absolutely love these jeans, and this company! First and foremost, I just love the ludicrous quality and craftmanship of the denim itself and the cut of the jeans. I’ve found my brand for life! I also love the fact they’re a proper British family company - artisans who make stuff my hand, using the best Japanese materials and on vintage gear. So few things these days are made to last. My Dawsons are the clothing equivalent of a great album."

"The best denim wear you’ll ever find!! Amazing quality, lovely attention to detail and great service. As well as making the best clothing, they are the most friendly and genuine people. Can’t recommend Dawson Denim enough."

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