Japanese Karajishi Ring

  • Kiuchi Handcraft has recently released a new collection of jewellery named Orient Smith. One of the pieces in this collection is an original lion ring featuring a motif of a lion, which is known as a guardian beast. The ring also has a wari-chrysanthemum on both sides as well as a sun crest representing the sun on the forehead.

    According to a theory, the roots of Japanese Komainu and Okinawa Shisa, which are lion statues, were brought to Japan along with Buddhism in the Asuka period through India and China via the Silk Road.

    The creator of this ring made it as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and to protect themselves. The ring is meant to symbolize peace of mind, strength of mind, openness of mind, the power to create an environment at will, the power to protect good and the power to annihilate evil.


    Material :
    silver925 × k18(sun crest)


    Size : 
    O~W(uk size)
    Made to order by hand in Japan each piece takes around 6 weeks.

  • At Dawson Denim each item is custom made to order, on aprons it’s usually a week turn around. On jeans and jackets it usually takes around 4 or 5 weeks to cut and sew each piece. If you plan to buy something from our store for a specific date please email us through our contact page first to ensure we can make your deadline.

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    For Kiuchi Hand Craft each piece is hand made in Japan the process takes around 6 weeks. The price includes shipping however this will not cover the cost of duty and tax.

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