How to style... with Holly Butterworth

October 16, 2020

How to style... with Holly Butterworth

Holly Butterworth is a Vintage clothing specialist and Co-Owner Butterworth Vintage Company with her shop in Totnes. We caught up with her to see how she wears her Wabash Sack Jacket.

"I’m lucky enough to own one of the first 10 Dawson Denim wabash sack jackets ever made. I’ve never washed it, so it still has it’s beautiful deep indigo colour and I like the contrast between it’s crispness and my faded 1950s Lee overalls when I wear them together. I’m also wearing a soft 1960s bandana and my 1920s Duxbak canvas hunting jacket. I gravitate towards wearing workwear for practicality and longevity and I love the individuality that’s created with wear and use."



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