Pokey LaFarge

September 26, 2017

Pokey LaFarge

We caught up with friend and supporter of Dawson Denim, Pokey LaFarge - musician extraordinaire, quizzing him about his style and life.
DAWSON DENIM : Has your musical popularity helped hone your clothing style?
Pokey LaFarge : Perhaps as much as my clothing style has honed my popularity. I wouldn't take one without the other. In fact, I wouldn't take ANY one thing away. All things have led up to now. It's a constant evolution. But all the traveling I do, and all of the people I meet, it has certainly exposed me to many new things. I sometimes wonder what the point of traveling is when, no matter where you are, it seems the whole world is at your fingertips by way of a cell phone.
DD : Do you find your music knowledge a hinderance when writing something new?
P : Only if your expectations are too high and your comparisons to your heroes and your contemporaries too great.
DD : Shoes/Hats/Watches - whats your thing?
P : 1. Shoes 2. Coats 3. Hats - in that order. I used to REALLY be a hat guy, but now EVERYBODY seems to be wearing hats. So, while I still wear a lot of different hats, I have found other ways to stand out. In my opinion, it's more or less about finding what is really you, and using your garments and accessories to supplement your natural features. Some people where their clothes like an art piece and others like a uniform. I'm somewhere in between.
DD : Do you feel there’s still a relevance for subcultures in an internet age? When I was growing up in a pre-internet time, scene allegiance, knowledge and specific detail were everything.
P : In todays world subcultures are definitely relevant however, I've never been a willing participant in them. If you conform to a subculture then people, (inside or on the outside looking in on said subculture), will demand sameness. I've made the conscious decision to exist in my own world for as long as I can remember. No rules. No allegiance. But yes - life, art, style - it's all about the details.
DD : Tell us something about your Grandad’s that wikipedia doesn’t know.
P : He died thinking I was a no good bum. Ha! He was wrong. I was very good at being being a bum.
DD : You famously hitchhiked across America, have you since learned to drive? What’s your ride? Whats’ the best ride?
P : Driving? I love driving. I loved it before my days hitchhiking. I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles. We travel in tour busses now but I used to drive the band vans too. At home I drive a blue Volkswagen station wagon. She doesn't have a name.
DD : You show your support to small brands like us, Knickerbocker Mfg for example, whats the attraction?
P : Smaller brands tend to have more personally and passionately driven creations. You and Knickerbocker have your ethics, quality and style in tact! Also, since they are smaller brands, there comes less numbers of consumers, which means less people rocking your swag. It's a sure fine way to ensure that there is no one else dressing like you when you step out for the day/night. Selfish, I know...
DD : Whats your current preferred outfit?
P : Coat: Dawson Denim, Wabash Sack Jacket
Shirt: Knickerbocker Mfg. light blue Chambray work shirt
Pants: Dawson Denim Wide Leg White Selvedge Jeans
Shoes: Red Wing Black Military issue Oxford w/ grey socks
Hat: Wellema Hat Co. Grey Western Fedora Custom
DD : Insert new album info here , and please don’t swerve the UK this time.
P : We just finished it. Still untitled. It will be coming out in April or May on Rounder .
Since this interview Manic Revelations has been released.
Photos by Nate Burrell

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