Partners in Crime | Malin and Johannes

January 29, 2021

Partners in Crime | Malin and Johannes

Introducing Malin and Johannes from Sweden. Johannes works as a carpenter in Ljungby and Malin helps manage a store called Granngården in Bollnäs, which deals with agriculture, forestry and cultivation, and sells everything from garden tools to chainsaws. Together, they have five kids (but not with each other!) and they dream of one day owning a small farm.

Malin: @malin.norin
Johannes: @sennah0j

What Dawson Denim item do you own?

Malin: I own a pair of DD04 Women Wide Leg Jeans. As a woman, it's difficult to find a pair of really good raw selvedge jeans with a good fit. This style fits me perfectly. I love them, especially with a tight t-shirt tucked in.

Johannes: I own a pair of DD001 Slim Fit Jeans. I like the fit; a little lower in the rise and they are slim-fit but still not too tight in the hem. I wear them with boots and a white t-shirt.

What's your relationship?

We're partners, best friends and lovers 😉.

When and where did you meet?

We bumped into each other on Instagram. It was love at first sight and here we are now, 3 years later...

What's a go-to social activity you love doing together?

We have a long distance relationship (700 km), so we enjoy spending time together the two of us. But we also love to just sit with a beer or a coffee and watch people.

What's your favourite iconic duo?

Dynamit-Harry and Doris. If you know you know...

What's your ultimate dangerous duo in film?

Joker and Harley Quinn

What's your number one song duet?

Anyone else but you, from Elliot Page and Michael Cera in the movie Juno.

What's your favourite superhero duo?

Batman and Robin we guess... or maybe Super Mario and Luigi. It’s a tough call.

What's your go-to outfit combo?

Jeans and a plain white t-shirt... always!

What's your favourite clothing item or accessory to wear with a denim jacket?

A cap, a hat or something like that. We own like 20 or 30 caps combined.

If you could offer one Dawson Denim gift for Valentine's Day to each other?

Malin: I'll choose the NEW FIT SACK JACKET : DD06 INDIGO DYED WABASH 110Z for him.
Johannes: I'll go for the WOMENS WABASH SACK JACKET : DD06 11OZ INDIGO for Malin.


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